Meetings ~ 2016 - 2017

Date Time Speaker/Topic
Sept 7th 7:00pm Fall Goodies: foilige and flowers - Danielle Young
Oct 5th 7:00pm Spring Bulbs - Diane Gaine Van Noort
Nov 2nd 7:00pm Strategies for Weed Control - Ladd Smith
Dec 7th 7:00pm Moths of the Pacific Northwest - Lars Crabo
Jan 4th 7:00pm Noxious and Invasive Weeds and Plants - Laurel Baldwin
Feb 1st 7:00pm Fruit Trees: selection, pruning, care - Tom Thornton
Mar 1st 7:00pm Japanese Gardens - Susanne Schwieson
April 5th 7:00pm Fancy Fronds Ferns - Judith Jones
May 3rd 7:00pm Shade Plants - Gwen Odermatt