Meetings 2018 - 2019

Date Time Speaker/Topic
Sept 12th 7:00pm Christina Pfeiffer - Pruning so you prune less often
Oct 3th 7:00pm Steve Lorton - My life in other people's gardens
Nov 7th 7:00pm Dave Hunter - Crown Bees - Mason and leafcutter bees.
Dec 5th 7:00pm Rebecca Morse - Osborne Seeds, Mt. Vernon
Jan 2nd 7:00pm -
Feb 6th 7:00pm Dick Bosch - Echo Glen Gardens
Mar 6th 7:00pm Marty Wingate - Education of a Garden Traveler.
April 3rd 7:00pm -
May 1st 7:00pm -

Meeting Place:
Whatcom Museum Rotunda Room (2nd floor) - 121 Prospect St, Bellingham

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